Goose Hunting

Goose hunting in Southern Alberta has always boasted impressive numbers of local birds for pre-migration hunts. A healthy population of Greater Canada’s geese allows us to produce quality early season hunts with seemingly growing numbers of birds throughout our areas every year.

Many of our birds stage on large reservoirs and travel to nearby stubble fields to feed, creating excellent hunting opportunities in our vast Southern Alberta prairie region. Hidden potholes littered throughout the stubble fields attract large numbers of birds and it’s our knowledge of these spots and how the birds pattern every specific feeding location that allow us to produce quality goose hunts time and time again. With 20 years of outfitting experience, Chinook Country Outfitters has an extensive understanding of our local goose population.

Luckily for us, we are capable of hunting later into the season than our counterparts to the North. As the birds start to migrate we see huge numbers of Greater Canada Geese, Lesser Canada Geese, and Snow Geese moving through on their way South. The last week in October and the first two weeks of November have proven in the past to be extremely productive.

Our Goose hunts typically take place early in the morning in barley, wheat, pea and corn stubble fields. You will hunt from lay out blinds or modified stealth blinds depending on weather conditions and your own comfort zone. A well-supplied goose trailer includes essential decoys and equipment for all weather conditions or changing circumstances.

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