Duck Hunting

Southern Alberta’s shallow water bodies and remote undisturbed staging areas make it a great place for mallards, pintails and widgeons to hang out. With a healthy population of local birds, it’s not an uncommon sight to see fields with literally thousands of ducks piling into them.

We often back shoot these large flocks of birds as they are returning to the water after feeding early in the morning. With three swamp boats and numerous locations that consistently produce limit duck shoots, it’s no surprise that we clean house when it comes to gunning down big mallards and pintails over the water. Our well-trained Labrador retrievers pride themselves on their work and the more you shoot the happier they are!

We often do field shoots for ducks in the afternoon as they are heading out to feed. Layout blinds, numerous robo-ducks and a large number of decoys typically put the birds right on top of us as they come in to land. The action on an afternoon field shoot for ducks is fast and furious as they typically come in large bunches in the last remaining moments of legal shooting light. The faster you can load your gun, the better.

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